President's Message

Creating an environment of the future of Asia.

Since our foundation in 1938 we at MATSUO SANGYO Co., Ltd. have been contributing to the development of society by managing a wide range of products for the chemical, electronic, electrical and automobile industries, focusing on raw materials for coatings, optical components and automotive parts.

During the post-war period Japan first pursued and then came to equal the level of development of the advanced nations of the West. Due to the great efforts of our predecessors, Japan was able to reconstruct and achieve rapid economic growth after the war; however, serious problems such as environmental pollution and contamination were also caused during this period. Based on this experience, Japan has come to acquire the kind of world-class technology that conserves the environment and does not emit toxins.

Currently, the Asian nations are in the midst of rapid economic growth, setting out on the path once travelled by Japan. It is our conviction that the time has come when Japan must freely supply the technologies it has studied and acquired.

We believe that by widely sharing the experience and technology we have built up, Japan will continue to grow, and development of the Asian nations together with environmental conservation can also be guaranteed. It is therefore clearly our duty to bring this about.

We must therefore continue the dialogue with our Asian neighbors in the spirit of the "Matsuo’s way” and the "Change & Speed” mottos that we champion, and find a way to live together in shared prosperity.

We will continue to give our all to bringing advantage to those with whom we share our region and resources.

With our sincerest regards,

代表取締役社長 松尾 俊彦